We believe that children are not the future of our church, but part of the church TODAY!

The Jungle is designed to give kids Bible knowledge and a relationship with God from a young age.  We use our Bibles, read from our Bibles, and learn to mark our Bibles.  I encourage kids to go back and reread the Bible stories we have marked, creating a habit of Bible reading from a young age.

How this looks changes as our group of kids changes – our program is designed to meet the needs of the kids we have.

The Jungle, as with our Pursuit 2:22, does not meet in the summer, but will resume in the fall with the start of school.  I am looking forward to group times with the kids this fall!

Old Fashioned Fun with friends!

A new development in our program will be the development of accountability groups without the department.  Kids are not too young to be encouraged and challenged to grow in their relationship and walk with God!  Click the link below to learn more about our Life Transformation Groups.  Talk to Jill if you would like to be a part of this exciting new ministry!

Life Transformation Groups Youth