New website.

New locations.

New people.

Lots of things happening and in the planning at RFamily Church.


But how did we get here?  The past 7 years have been a whirlwind of changes that may appear to be haphazard, but have been the result of following the Holy Spirit’s guidance (NEVER a straight-lined path!)

For those of you who do not know our history or our vision, please read here to learn.  For those of you who have heard or been along for the ride, a refresher may be a good thing.

When Pastor Jeff and Jill were called to plant a church, it was a scary thing!  Luckily, God gave them time and experience in pastoring at three locations.  When the official ‘Golden Ticket’ came, it was time to go to work.

With prayer, Republic, MO was chosen as the location.  A Ministry Model was planned, a logo was created, a vision was set into words, and the Overturf Family moved to Republic and were told to build a church.  No core group – just the family and some funding.

RFamily was never meant to be a big church – we knew that from the beginning.  Our vision was to grow groups of believers, then send a small group out to start another small location of believers, multiplying numbers over time.  How we tried to follow that vision has changed.  We have had two small building locations and one large building location, but we have found the best growth and stability with meeting in homes.

In the beginning, we thought God was leading us to small church locations.  Since then we have been shown that He wants us to use homes as our meeting places.  This model is very different than the ‘church’ we know in America, so it’s been a learning journey all along!

While we have traveled this journey, we have been blessed with how we have been able to change lives.  We have made it a priority to meet people where they are and supported them through belief, salvation, and baptism.  Many of these people were able to make improvements in their lives and ended-up moving on to better lives for themselves – a win for us, even if we don’t still have those faces with us.

What’s in our future?  We can only make our best guesses.  We lean on the Holy Spirit to guide us and keep us on track.  Right now we are developing locations in homes that are the fruition of our vision of growing different locations.  We also are broadcasting live from Facebook (and hopefully YouTube soon) so that people from all the locations can interact with the live worship from wherever Jeff is preaching.

Would you like to host a location?  Contact us and we would love to meet with you!!!