Just over a year ago, RFamily began live streaming Sunday morning services through Facebook. This is accomplished using cell phones and a tripod – simple and easy.

Over the course of the year, we have heard requests to also stream on YouTube for easier access from smart TVs and streaming devices.  Instead of watching on computers and phones, these services could be viewed by an entire room through the TV much easier.

In order to accomplish this, an upgrade in our streaming equipment is needed.  Currently the best set-up we have found is the pictured MEVO which would remain simple for our small church without high technical knowledge needed and build-in ability to stream to multiple platforms simultaneously.

The cost of the system for this MEVO set-up is estimated at $1000.  We are beginning a fundraiser for this system.  All funds designated toward this will remain in this account.  Any funds we collect over what we need for hardware purchase will go toward the monthly streaming fee for the coming years (small, but still there….)

If you would like to contribute, please contact us!

And thank you for your support in this adventure we are on!



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