Currently at RFamily Church we are using cellphones to lifestream our Sunday morning services on Facebook only.  This has worked for a year, but we have received interest in other platforms but do not currently have the needed technology to make this happen.

In an attempt to upgrade and improve our streaming options and increase our availability to those who want to watch live, we are starting a fundraiser to purchase new equipment for streaming.  Currently the best option we have is the pictured MEVO camera which comes with a ‘system’ of accessories.  With the Mevo System, we will be able to lifestream on YouTube and Facebook (and others) at the same time, increasing our availability.  We will also have improved sound and less delay from live to stream for those who are interacting through the live videos.

We have estimated the cost for the full Mevo System at $1000.  Research is still being done to ensure that we have found the best system at the least cost that is currently available.

All monies donated to this project will be ONLY used for this project.  Excess money will be used for the monthly cost of the streaming service and no other purposes.

If you would like to donate, you can contact Pastor Jeff at 417-693-2337 for more information.

Thank you for your interest and support in this project!



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